Friday, November 16, 2012

What's up Posy Market?

An interview with Laura Browning of Posy Market

ELF:  What got you started crafting/creating?
Laura:  I needed a creative outlet and some "me" time.

ELF:  How long have you been crafting/creating?
Laura:  I've been crafting since childhood, but I've been crafting "professionally" for 2 years.

ELF:  Where did your (company) name come from?
Laura:  Posy came from a British book I was reading where the main girl puts together a posy for a visiting guest's bedside table.  Love that it's a collection of this and that! 

ELF:  What do you like most about Carrboro?
Laura:  I love the eclectic people and businesses of Carrboro.

ELF:  What aspect of the ELF Fair are you most excited about?
Laura:  Getting in the holiday spirit and meeting other vendors and new customers.

ELF:  Do you have a favorite crafting/art website or blog?
Laura:  Design Sponge (, Sew Mama Sew ( and Pinterest

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