Monday, November 26, 2012

An interview with Shannon Bailey

ELF:  What got you started crafting/creating?
Shannon:  My father was an artist and growing up my parents always encouraged me creatively. I was free to try anything that interested me; I will always be very grateful for this.
ELF:  How long have you been crafting/creating?
Shannon:  My whole life, I guess. As I got older, I realized that what I really liked was making functional arts and crafts.
ELF: Where did your name come from?
Shannon:  I don't really have a company name, but I did name my soaps after my dog, a self-important Chihuahua named Olive. She is my constant companion when I am crafting, it seemed appropriate.

ELF: How do you choose the scents for your soaps? Are you inspired by the season or do you have favorites?
Shannon:  The scents I make are experiments that worked out. I usually include one essential oil that has some medicinal qualities and an antioxidant. This year, I have made ones that people seem to like the most, they are also my favorites. Two of them are most definitely inspired by the season- Cinnamon & Clove and Peppermint & Cocoa. Both very yummy.
ELF:  What aspect of the ELF Fair are you most excited about?
Shannon:  Every year I look forward to seeing the other vendors. It is one time of the year that I get to catch up with some pretty great folks and see what they are making.
ELF:  What do you like best about the holiday season?
Shannon:  I love the trappings of the season- the lights, the trees, the festivities, the holiday movies. I am a sucker for the lights. I love spending time with those important to you - friends, family, and "chosen family." I love the holiday foods and I love ELF.

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