Thursday, November 15, 2012

An interview with Pam Brady, Mazie Summers Soaps

ELF:  Where did your (company) name come from?
Pam:  I named my company Mazie Summers Soap after my paternal grandmother, Mazie. She was born in 1904 and had nine children. She was thrifty, hard-working and definitely adhered to the rule of "Use it up, Make it do, or do without."

ELF:  How long have you been crafting/creating?
Pam:  I've been making soap and soap-related products for four years after I decided to try soap one year for Christmas gifts.

ELF:   What got you started crafting/creating?
Pam:  I can't remember a time when I did not find myself involved in some sort of craft just because that's what the women in my family did. My grandmother was a seamstress who learned her way around a sewing machine working in a slip factory. My mother sewed and could also draw and paint. As a home schooling family, it was important to me that my  own girls' education include activities that fostered creativity and search for what exactly their "bent" was. We were always exploring all kinds of needlework, basket weaving  calligraphy, candle-making  soap making, and other crafts.

ELF:  What aspect of the ELF Fair are you most excited about?
Pam:  For the biggest part of the year I sell at local farmers' markets. I have my loyal fans there, but for the most part the customers are there for produce. Craftspeople sometimes feel like the red headed stepchildren at farmers' markets. What's exciting about ELF is that the folks that come out have a keen desire and appreciation for artisan hand crafted products!

ELF:  Do you have a favorite crafting or art website or blog?  Pam:  I like

You can check out more of Mazie Summers Soaps here:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing our soap! Can't wait for the ELF fair!

Marianne Carter-Maschal said...

I love Pam's soaps! Check out her Mango Lassi lotion bar!