Thursday, November 29, 2012

HT Designs

An Interview with Hannah Trogdon of HT Designs

ELF:  What got you started crafting/creating?

Hannah:  My wonderful crazy Mother!  She had taken some metal smithing classes at Penland, and had fallen in love.  We had different projects we would work on, her showing me techniques and what not, and then she suggested we take a class at NC State together. We did! And once I saw the possibilities working with metal opened up, I too, fell in love.  

ELF:  So, how long have you been designing jewery?

Hannah:  I guess I have been working with metals for about 5/6 years now.  I have had times of very little creative output, followed by surges of mass creative madness.  But no matter the ebb nor flow, I have always been able to adorn my friends for the holidays

ELF:  Where did your brand name come from?

Hannah:  It’s kind of a cop-out, HT Jewelry = Hannah Trogdon Jewelry.  I went with HT because Classy Lady Jewelry was already taken.  Then I realized HT was also already taken (by Heavenly Treasures), but I stuck with it anyway.  

ELF:  What aspect of the ELF Fair are you most excited about?
Hannah: I am so excited to finally be a PART of the ELF Fair!  That, and getting to meet and talk to new people all day, and see some friends, all in the wake of the holidays, it just really gets my holiday jingle bugs dancing! On a different note I’m also excited about preparing my packaging, so that people are excited to see my jewelry as a gift from the moment they see the box.

ELF:  Do you have a favorite crafting or art website or blog?http://Crookedarm.blogspot.comI’m a big fan of this guys drawings, and photos. It’s more of an art blog than a crafting blog.  Other than that my internet searches, though fruitful, are pretty random.  

See more of Hannah's jewelry here: and you can like her on FaceBook too:

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