Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Constanza Wears

 An interview with Constanza Diaz
ELF:  What got you started crafting/creating?
Constanza:  My family took a road trip to Miami and my sister wanted to take advantage of the time spent in the car and asked my mom to teach her how to knit. My sister was only about 20 at the time and my uncle kept picking on her, calling her an old lady.  While he was picking on her I was thinking, "how cool is that?" I got my mom to teach me how to crochet about a week later.  
ELF:  Where did your (company) name come from?
Constanza:  We had a dinner party at my house one night. One of my friends started to leave and then came rushing back looking for the hat and scarf that I made her and said, "Oh no, I almost forgot my Constanza wares." I thought it was cute, so I named my business Constanza Wears. 

ELF: What do you like most about Carrboro? 
Constanza:  Its appreciation of art/music and its eco friendly consciousness. The Cat's Cradle, the Artscenter and Local 506 (not sure if Chapel Hill or Carrboro) to name a few favorite venues.

ELF:  What aspect of the ELF Fair are you most excited about?
Constanza: I like the good vibes at the Elf Fair. Cool customers that are appreciative of the work that went into making it and cool vendors. I hope the pottery guy will be back this year. He has such a great spirit. I really enjoyed watching him talk to customers about his craft. So passionate and such a likable guy.

ELF:  Do you have a favorite crafting or art website or blog? 

Constanza:Unfortunately, I don't. Most of my free time is spent crafting and if I spend too much time with social medias, I sort of feel that I wasted time that could have been used crafting. My love of crafting teeters on addiction.

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