Monday, November 26, 2012

Our great Vendors for ELF 2012!

Amanda Barr/Golden Hiccups
Anna Crawford
Brilliant Handmade
Brooke Brucke Soaps
Comstanza Diaz
Cupcake Science
Danielle  Baumgartner
Erin Griffin Silversmith
Eric Hanan Woodworking
Green City Bottles
Hannah Trogdon Jewelry
Heather Gerni
Hello Tenfold
James Ward Pottery
Jamie McPhail
Jane Robinson
Jason Abide Pottery
Katherin Whalen
Leopold Designs
Little Foxes
Lulu Julian Baked Goods
Mandey Brown
Matt Smith Pottery
Mazie Summers Soap
Mi Scusi Hand Made
Olivia Hjermitslev
Posy Market
Riverbasin Outfitters
Shannon Bailey's Soaps
Soliel Bookbindery
Tara Konkel Knits
Unique Boutique
WAYO (Emily Waszak)
and various artists from the ArtsCenter's Ceramics Studio

Santa will also be there!  Take your own photos with him!(free)

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